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October 28, 2014


Greetings Friends, Family and Neighbours,


Four years ago, I first considered running for City Council but put my plans on hold when I learned that our incumbent, Joni Baechler, had decided to run for one additional term.


Early last year, I received encouragement from many Londoners to consider running in yesterday’s election. I also met with Joni last year and received her encouragement.


I was an early candidate to declare my intentions and in March, I began a long process of trying to meet as many Ward 5 residents as possible. I personally knocked on more than ten thousand doors and I have enjoyed thousands of candid discussions about our local needs and wants. I was able to articulate my election platform through listening to those concerns.


I came to know my competitors well and now hope to see them all remain involved in community service. I gained particular respect for Maureen Cassidy, Kevin Labonte, Will Gordon and Steve Hogg.


As a first-time candidate, I had thoroughly done my homework and continued that process. I attended countless Council, Standing and Advisory committee meetings. I sat in on community meetings, visited with local emergency responders, libraries and other community services and facilities. I was prepared and I know I would have served Ward 5 well.


Yesterday, Londoners spoke and elected its new Council including Ward 5 Councillor-elect Maureen Cassidy. Following the results last night, I met with Maureen and her family and team to extend my congratulations in person. I have committed to her my continued community work throughout London and offered myself as a resource when needed.


I am so deeply appreciative of the numerous volunteers who worked countless hours on my behalf. I am indebted to my devoted volunteer campaign manager, Kelly, and to my stalwart strategic planning team including Marsha, Danelle and Phil. Thank you to my ubiquitous sign team including Brian, Dean and Mark. And a special callout to key volunteers including my wife, dad, sister, Pat, Tony, Ralph, Larry, Dave, Velda, Bruce, Tim and the rest.


A sincere thank you to my financial, in-kind and other supporters. I had particular fun with the creative fund raiser at Aroma Café.


Last night, I was touched to have so many people show up at Nancy’s and my home to witness the results. I am further humbled that 1,708 Londoners and Ward 5 residents showed enough confidence in me to vote for this first-time candidate.


To each and every one of you - my profound thanks.